Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Team Canada Selections Made

My predictions were close but there were a couple surprises for sure. Here is Steve Yzerman's selections with my guess as to what the lines will be.

Nash - Crosby (A) - Iginla (A)
Heatley - Thornton - Marleau
Staal - Getzlaf - Perry
Morrow - Toews - Richards

Seabrock - Keith
Neidermayer (C) - Pronger (A)
Boyle - Weber


Overall I'm happy with the selections. The lack of Calgary Flames on D is surprising but the replacements are just as good. I was off on 5 selections that I'll go over but Team Canada is going to be a good team regardless:

Ward over Fleury

I thought Ward was a bigger difference maker than Fleury in each of their recent playoff successes. The rest of Canada thinks Fleury is a no-brainer. Its the 3rd goaltender so its not a big deal and I'm OK either way.

Seabrock over Rhegher

The way Yzerman explains it makes sense. He wanted the chemistry over Keith and Seabrook and its probably a good call.

Boyle over Bouwmeester

Flip a coin? Dan Boyle is a difference maker but Bouwmeester is still very underrated in my opinion. I'd still take Bouwmeester but it could be a left handed vs right handed decision or a PP decision where Boyle is the better player.

Bergeron over Smyth

Personally I don't like the choice over Bergeron. Smyth may not have been the best choice because of his injury but Bergeron has been injured quite a bit as well. Smyth has been a difference maker this year for LA (ask Anze Kopitar).

Staal over Stamkos

I think I overlooked Staal in my original selections. Staal has come on fast and Stamkos has slowed a bit over the last while. I like the choice of Staal.
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