Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NHL 91 - Game 6

Not an exciting summer so far for Oilers fans. A mediocre goaltending signing, a minor trade (Brodziak) and an solid day at the draft. Now that the Heatley fiasco seems to have past, it appears the decision by the team seems to be to stick with the kids which might be an ok bet. I'd still like to see them address their weakness down the middle - especially on the face-off circle and PK but I'm willing to see how the team reacts to the new coaches. There were numerous off years by Oilers forwards last season and as long as they don't burn the season by waiting to the deadline to address need, the decision to wait is one I can live with. But we've seen this movie before and it doesn't end well.

I received a forward this morning with a link to the following site which is very well done:

The 1991 final is a bit of a sore spot for me. I'm too young (well hardly) to remember the 80's cup wins and early 90's is when my hockey passion really developed. Talk about bad timing. To this day I'm bitter the Oilers didnt beat the North Stars and for some reason (that I no longer remember) couldn't stand Bobby Smith. Its a series I'd love to hear Bruce's take on. Either way, I think an Oilers/Penguins final would have been much better.

Growing up I played a lot of the early NHL video games from EA Sports. 1991-1995 I played for hours. Early on the best way to score was the wrap-around. It got so easy that we made a no wrap-around rule. In later years it was all about getting one timers. Pavel Bure was a legend in those games. I hardly play video games anymore but that video is well done and reminds me of endless hours of good times!

Only 6 weeks till puck drop...
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