Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3rd round predictions

This post is overdue but I've been in NYC till late last night. My second round predictions were off thanks to the upset by the Hurricanes but I don't think I was alone on that prediction. Canucks vs Blackhawks I thought would be closer and would have been if not for Chicago's lethal PP. The Ducks put up a better fight than I thought and the Pens/Capitals series lived up to expectations.

Red Wings vs Blackhawks

My gut tells me this one will be closer than I'm predicting but I think Detroit's experience will win out in this series. The Chicago offense lit up Luongo and a pair of decent pvp centers in Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kelser but Detroit is deep and rely on winning individual battles. Detroit defends too well as a team and has the skill to match Chicago.

Key matchup: Lidstrom vs Kane
Prediction: Wings in 5

Hurricanes vs Pittsburgh

Hurricanes have been surprising to say the least. I've watched many Canes games and they defend well and have had the best player in each series thus far. I doubt Eric Staal will be the best player in this series.

Key matchup: Crosby vs Staal
Prediction: Pens in 5

Predicting 5 games verdicts in each series is not exactly earth shattering. At least its been my prediction from day 1 and I should get some nice draft payouts in a month or so ;)
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