Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oilers Rookies vs Golden Bears

I got to see my first game of hockey in a couple months. It was glorious to finally watch a game again but I did miss the shootout that they've had during intermissions in previous years. The Lerg, Chornet and Eberle line were the best all night. They were a threat and I really only got excited when they were on the ice. Here is my summary:

Lerg - Stauffer gave him the #1 star deservedly so. Him and Eberle had good chemistry.

Eberle - Found ways to get open in the slot several times. Unlucky not to score let alone get a couple. He played wing but often drifted out of position to centre. Appears to think the game very well and will IMO be an NHL player sooner than later.

Chornet - I liked his game but maybe it was because he was playing on the dominant line. He could pass with his linemates and the play didnt die on him often.

Hunt - Wore #74 and reminded me a ton of Fleury. Beaked at everyone on the Bears and hit everyone. Loved watching his passion.

Maslonka - Scored with a bomb of a shot. Made a couple bonehead pinches that caused 2 on 1s.

Chorney - He was solid defensively and didnt do much offensively outside the breakaway. Didnt really look like an offensive defensemen, perhaps more of the Grebeshkov mold.

Plant - He has size and uses it fairly effectively in the corners. Other than that, wasnt really flashy but I dont know if he ever will be. I wasnt disappointed or excited about his game.

Wild - I liked him on the PP. Often took wrist shots that

Chwedoruk - Another smallish guy with great passion. I remember him getting high sticked then backchecking and diving at a guy to make a play then finishing his shift working his balls off in the D zone.

Pauvovich - Perhaps one of the guys I was most pleasantly surprised with.

Pisano - Couple punishing hits.

Omarra - the guy cant pass. He was definately minus on the night plus he took a hooking penalty. When he kept the game simple and hit he was ok but he has a lot of improvement to make.

Pitton/Perugini - both did well making some great saves. Oilers got outshot but had better goaltenders.

PS The pics are from my iPhone which apparantly cant take pictures.