Saturday, July 5, 2008

Robert Nilsson - definite outperform potential

Robert Nilsson is a player I am very excited about next season. Over the past week as the Oilers persued both Hossa then Jagr, I couldnt help but notice that Nilsson became the odd man out and often times mentioned as a guy to go in a salary dump. I realize that the team is much better with Hossa than Nilsson but I'd be very hesitant to trade Nilsson's beauty contract. Signed early this summer for 3 years at a 1.8 cap hit I think he has a very good chance of outperforming his contract. As a player, Rowbert is an elite player in the skill department and a good skater. That wasnt enough to make him a good NHL player but at some point last season something clicked in his head that changed him from a drifter to a player. He isnt quite established yet but I got a hunch he will be soon.

According to Nilsson was the second best player on the Oilers 5 on 5. The fact that Nilsson was one of the first RFA signings that KLo made and that MacT spoke positively about him is a good indication that the Oilers think highly of him too.

Over at Lowetide's site, Lowetide has the projected forward lines to be:


Look where Bobby Nilsson is playing! Definitely a player to watch closely this upcoming season. If he can make similar strides this year as he did last year, Oilers are going to be well positioned up front for the next 3 years.


Peter said...

We'll see...

Check the Olczyk interview on "just a game".

Nilsson's contract is 1,5 - 2- 2,5, i.e. a 2M cap hit.

Sean said...

I'm going by which has 1.83 cap hit. Either way, Nilsson is a guy who should be able to earn his money and then some.

Jonathan said...

I am excited about Nilsson to- and I think you mean “defininte” ;)

Sean said...

Oh Jonathan, right again. Thanks!