Monday, July 21, 2008

Oilers sign Zach Stortini

In other news, we landed on the moon ;) I've been meaning to get to this but I've been swamped at work. So here is my thoughts on some old news. This signing isn't a blockbuster move but I for one am glad. He adds grit to the lineup and annoys the piss out of Calgary and Vancouver. Most importantly, he is a team guy who works his bag off. Reminds me of a one of our recently hired coaches - Kelly Buchberger.

Stortini's job is not the easiest one in the NHL. He has to take face washes and cheap shots without retaliating. His job is to get other players to take runs at him. But hey, he plays in the NHL and I'm sure he's thrilled. I don't even really care if he isn't a great fighter because the Oilers are far removed from being an intimidating team.

With the cap going up, 700k for 3 years is very reasonable. Good for Zach and another good contract for KLo/Olczyk. With Zach's work ethic, there is very little chance he wont cover the contract.