Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meeting Georges Laraque

Last night I had the privilege of meeting Georges Laraque. My good buddy Kyle won an autographed Sidney Crosby jersey from the Team 1260 and BG came by and personally delivered it to us (5 hours late ... haha). I bought my friggin signed Crosby jersey on eBay so obviously I got ripped off ;) Kyle and BG were able to compare Memorial Cup rings and talk hockey. It was really cool. Both guys played with Hossa so it was neat.

Highlights (most of which isn't exactly news):

1) Georges talked about how it was Katz who made numerous phone calls trying to get Georges to play here. Oilers offered the same money 1.1/year and a year longer contract. Georges insisted at least 3 times that he wants to finish his career in Edmonton.
2) Georges thinks the Oilers will for sure make the playoffs this year.
3) I asked him how good he thought Montreal would be and if the Oilers had a chance to win the division. His response "Lets be honest guys, Detroit is going to win the cup".
4) He said Hossa wanted to go to Detroit all along.

All in all a cool experience. BG is a class act and a great guy. Spending every Friday night of his summer giving away jerseys and talking to fans is such a generous move. Nicest pro I've ever met. Good luck in Montreal Georges!


Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Kyle Chant, by any chance?

Sean said...

Yup do you know him or did you look that up? He played the one year of the WHL then decided to go back to AJHL in Fort Sask. I think he only got one shift with Hossa but hey who am I to knock that ;)

Jonathan said...

Yup do you know him or did you look that up? I get bored sometimes.