Monday, July 21, 2008

The kids are alright

It dawned on me recently how highly the Oilers staff think of the kids on the team. Looking back at last seasons roster, the lineup that went 18-10 (with Horcoff injured) looked something like this (I'm not too sure where Pouliot played).

Penner - Stoll - Hemsky
Gagner - Cogliano - Nilsson
Pouliot - Reasoner - Pisani
Glencross - Brodziak - Stortini

Gilbert - Grebeshkov
Pitkanen - Staois
Smid - Greene

Gone are Stoll, Reasoner, Glencross, Greene and Pitkanen (and Torres). An argument could be made that each of the players no longer on the roster (with the exception of Glencross) were passed by players with less experience and hopefully better upside. To me thats a strong indication of how the Oilers management feels about the team. My only concern is that the Oilers are too green down the middle. Right now, heading into the season I'd guess our centre's will be Horcoff - Gagner - Brodziak - Pouliot. If Horcoff gets hurt, we're going to need an experienced replacement in a hurry!