Friday, June 6, 2008

KLo this offseason

Last year Kevin Lowe came out publicly and said how the Oilers were going to add 5-7 players and that they had to improve the team. When I first heard this I was excited but also skeptical that we'd be able to get that many players of value. As it turns out, Lowe was left chasing and made some moves that were lateral at best. This year, the team is in a much better position but I also like how his approach much different. KLo seems to be holding his cards closer to his chest. I think thats the way to go. You dont want to have 29 other GMs sitting out there knowing that you have to back up your claims.

Todays quote:

I would like a top-end forward but we're not in a situation where we have to do something to really improve our team. If nothing happens, we'll go to camp with what we have and we'll see what unfolds. I don't feel like I'm under pressure to do something.

He was a lot more descrete about what he is planning on doing. For all we know he has game on the go right now. Frankly I'd be ok if Lowe went out and said "we're going to do what we can to improve the team, maybe add a forward and/or a defender". He doesnt really need to promise anything because it all depends on who is available and what the price is. Considering money doesnt really buy you goals and that it appears to be a sellers market, I think its best to sell off replaceable assets and bank on the development of the kids. The UFAs outside Hossa are average (I think Hossa is going to re-sign for one season in Pittsburgh anyways) and will be overpriced. If you can get a Lecavalier or Gaborik by all means do so, but I think the best option is to build some consistency in the lineup and, assuming we are in playoff contention, add players at the deadline - when the price of talent is cheaper and we have a better idea of who in the playoff run last year was for real and who is Scott Fraser.