Sunday, May 18, 2008

MacT must be doing something right.

Is anyone else watching the playoffs this year - watching players like Toby Peterson get significant minutes and feel a little shame? In 2006 I was very hard on MacT for playing Toby Peterson. Yesterday, in game 5 of the eastern finals Dave Tippet is playing him more minutes than MacT ever did. 22 minutes of ice time and on for the final minute of time. Also, I saw 17 playing on the Dallas PP on several occassions. Its fairly apparant to me the MacT was right on this guy. He may not accomplish much offensively be he is bang on positionally and any guy who plays 22 minutes on a team that wins game 5 of an conference final is doing something right.

As for the other suprising performances - Lupul, Sykora and Cleary (Cleary not so much in this years playoffs but moreso last year) we're seeing effective minutes from players who we didnt see effective while in Edmonton. In the case of Lupul/Sykora I still dont miss these them. They are complementary players playing with excellent linemates. On the other hand, I think MacT is making these players better and not seeing the fruits of his labour. I am beginning to get leary of trading Torres, Stoll or Pitkanen because we're gonna end up on the short end of the trades. Anyone else?